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Church Re-opening

We are very pleased to announce that, beginning on Sunday
June 27th, the church will re-open for a service of worship each Sunday morning at 11 a.m.  However, because of Covid restrictions, we need to ensure that the safe seating capacity of the building is not exceeded and that necessary social distancing can be preserved.  Therefore we have decided to employ a booking system.  Each week, the system will be open from Monday to Thursday for the service at 11 a.m. on the following Sunday. If there are places still available when you come to use the system, you can book one by entering your email address and your name (or the name of the person you are booking for). If the booking is successful, you will receive a confirmatory email.


Please kindly note:

** Depending on how many people apply for places and the maximum capacity that we can safely accommodate, it may be necessary to seat some people in the Green Room rather than the main worship area.  In extreme cases, we may need to ask people who have booked places not to attend, but we hope that that will never occur!

We can only admit anyone who arrives at the church on a Sunday morning without a valid booking if there are places unbooked and unoccupied.

** For those who cannot attend the service, we hope to make a recorded (audio) version of it available on this website within 24 hours.

Children under the age of 18 may only attend the service if they are accompanied throughout the morning by a parent or their legal guardian.  

** For the time being, we will be unable to provide any refreshments after the service or a creche.


Making a booking

What do you need to do to make a booking?  It's very simple - use the link below to go to the registration page.  Then, on the left-hand-side, there are just three steps:

(1) type your email address in the first box;

(2) your name in the second box, and

(3) click on the "Register" button.  

That's it!
You will receive an email confirming your booking if there were places available.  (If you want to include another person in the same booking, click on "Add person" before you click on "Register" and add their name, then click "Register".)

Please note: the booking system is only open from Monday morning (7 a.m.) to Thursday - if you click on the link at other times, you will not be able to make a booking.

From September 13th, you can access the booking system for September 19th by clicking here.

Please note: we are requesting everyone to continue wearing face masks inside the church after July 19th (unless medically exempt).  Thank you!

You can find out what church will be like when we re-open here.

Please use the "Contact Info" page if you have any questions about the booking system or the format of the services.

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