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If you just want to listen, click on the link.  If you want to download, right-click on the link and choose the "Save Target As..." option to save the file to the desired location on your computer.

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The Sermon on the Mount (this series is now concluded)

Please note that it has become necessary to remove these sermons, in order to create space to store new messages. This removal is taking place in stages and the final stage (involving the remaining sermons) will happen on or after December 2nd.

"Sermon on the Mount (#18) - "Two ways to live" (Matthew 7:13-29)" [Martin Peirce, 22-7-2018, p.m.; 9 MB] (Apologies for the poor sound quality on this recording)

"Sermon on the Mount (#17) - "Do to others as you would have them do to you" (Matthew 7:1-12)" [Martin Peirce, 8-7-2018, p.m.; 9 MB]

"Sermon on the Mount (#16) - "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (Matthew 6:19-34)" [Martin Peirce, 1-7-2018, p.m.; 8 MB]

"Sermon on the Mount (#15) - "The Proper Attitude in Prayer" (Matthew 6:5-8)" [Martin Peirce, 13-5-2018, p.m.; 9 MB]

"Sermon on the Mount (#14) - "Concerning our Giving" (Matthew 6:1-4)" [Martin Peirce, 29-4-2018, p.m.; 8 MB]

"Sermon on the Mount (#13) - "Love Beyond Limits" (Matthew 5)" [Martin Peirce, 18-3-2018, p.m.; 7 MB] (Apologies - the introduction to this sermon was not recorded)


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